Friday, December 03, 2004

Current Mood: Confused

I cannot believe that my T1 final exams are already around the corner! Last month has been more of a Whir and I did very less to keep up with my portions. Well to be frank I never used to keep up with my portions till the last date before examination. In T1 we have more qualitative subjects then quantitative subjects as opposed to traditional Syllabus. Managing People at Work, Managing Engineers, Competitive strategy, Negotiations and motivation, Decision models and Uncertainty, Ethics and Communications and a lot of case studies. Of course Economics & Finance still maintain the quantitative rigor but I don’t have to worry about them for another three months. Its likely to be very busy tomorrow (I mean today, Its almost 12.30am in the morning) and I'm yet to finish off with a project. I know I wont be able to complete my project today. That really is a secondary issue since I'm very good at cooking up new reasons for not completing the project in time. However I've time till Saturday and somehow I'm planing to finish it of in time for the first time. Schedules are getting tighter. The workload is growing exponentially. Cases, projects, assignments, quizzes have started in full swing. I’ve two meetings to run on Saturday, and they completely overlap. I’ve been making a habit of doing that just so I have a reason to bail out of some of these boring sessions. Also I'm planning to mail E-Books for the people who comment. So........ my loyal readers please feel free to leave your comments. Anyway, time for me to collapse, So bye for now...

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Anonymous said...

Hey wats the e-book about?