Saturday, July 25, 2009

The shoes that never really was

If there is one brand of shoes that is over hyped, that must be woodlands. The brand showcases its product under "extreme condition usage category" and fails to live up to its hype. It weighs a ton and by no means suitable for trekking. There is no logic in wearing a shoes that weighs 1 to 2 kg on an hike to a mountain. To add to the misery its not flexible and its as if your ankles are attached to a concrete block. I think buying a pair of woodlands shoes was the worst decision that I 've made.

After a long hiatus, yesterday I finally decided that I need to pick a pair of shoes. After wearing a very hard slippers & a pair of woodlands for as long as two months, it was about time I did something before I permanently damage my heels. Well I brought my self a light weight Adidas Outdoors and must say its simply superb. It gently wraps around my foot and the right amount of cushion feels so good to wear. Its good that my legs are not aching anymore.

I've tried Bata, Lotto, Woodlands, Reebok & now Adidas. Out of which Lotto was good value for money. It was a running shoes and I loved the pair. Woodlands and Reebok can easily be written off, not much of a punch in them. Adidas looks promising and I will have wait till I arrive at a conclusion. My next buy will be a Nike. So people, I think now you know what you can gift me ;)