Thursday, October 27, 2005

Catch 22 Situation

Recently I came across a very interesting article here about non-credible threats and effects.

The non-credible threat is a strategy that youngsters learn very early in life and many hone the skill into true art. They learn that they can get their way on occasion if they make a threat to do something that would be essentially self-destructive. An example might be a child who threatens to hold his breath until he passes out unless the parent gives him what he wants. He probably wouldn’t go through with it, but one never knows. That’s why it is effective. Indian parents are masters in the art. If they don’t like your new girlfriend and perhaps soon-to-be wife, they might threaten to disown you and never allow you to step foot in the house again.
Well as a matter of fact I myself am a victim of many non-credible threats and believe me its very difficult to face this kind of situations. Slowly I evolved into a more enlightened being and started saying no or oppose the threats being forced upon me. Now it’s a very clear fact that non-credible threats don’t work on me. So if it does not work on me then it does not work on other people too. Sooner or later they will start opposing/ignoring the threats. Sooo, now what’s the strategy to get our way on occasion and it should not be harsh on other people. Well My take on this is to create a CATCH 22 situation where in the victim has to perform the deeds specified.
In short, its basic meaning is that if there was a rule, no matter what the rule is, there is always an exception to it. It is a mysterious regulation that is in essence a circular argument. The catch is used by people to uphold and increase their power, and yet it is harmful to those who do not have power in the first place. It creates situations where, when you think everything is perfect, Catch-22 pops up and makes your plans impossible.
I started thinking more about this while doing my project about designing company policies and regulations. I’m not being very cruel towards the people and have not included any catch in the project I did. I strongly hate doing things like this. Hmmm, the thing is if you come across any situation wherein you are forced to use non-credible threat, better create a catch 22 situation and it works.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Movie Marathon

List Of movies watched Last week

1. Transporter 2 - ***

Despite some serious flaws, and issues with the plot, "The Transporter 2" is fun, silly, over the top, action film, that contain some truly inventive moments."One scene, involving Frank's on-the-move solution for disarming a bomb under his car,is particularly impressive. Also Frank's serious yet cool attitude is what i liked the most in the movie. I had been to theater and was was worth the money spent.

2. Madagascar - ***

Nice timepass. One song " I like it moving moving" is seriously fun to watch, I replayed the song few times, just to see the animation and the movements that has been cleverly done.

3. Finding Nemo - *****

Must Watch. Nothing more to say.