Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I'm being spammed

In case if there is a contest for a person getting maximum no of spam mails. I'ld be a clear winner among my friends. Leave comments if you feel u can beat my stats. I recive a whooping average of 36 spam per hour or even more some times . That is one spam every 90 seconds. Plz note I usually don't register for news letters or Ezines with my official id, yet I'm a victim of this spams.

Now I understnd the seriousness of a simple mistake I did few months back. I simply gaveaway my E mail id without enclosing it inside suitable Java script in my blog template.As I write this post, my inbox is indicating 11 new messages. Any way hav made necessary modification in my template. Hmmmm, Ppl here's a handy link to find out top 20 ways to Prevent spam. Till then happy spam fighting.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

My Homepage

Finally my redesigned home page is up and running. I've tried to keep the site as simple as possible with blue as my basic theme colour. Sooo ppl visit and leave comments. Also ur feedback is very important to me. Do revert with your reviews and suggestions.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Bangalore in W War 1

Few hours back I was playing an FPS, MOHAA ( Ok ok I know its a very old game, I need to update myself). But an interesting war game. In one particular level called OMAHA BEACH My captain commands me to bring a BANGALORE. Yes a Bangalore. I thought I over heard it. But I replayed the particular scene and my captain had clearly asked for a Bangalore. Later in the game a Bangalore was a torpedo used to clear barbed wire in the beach.

Hmmmm, I was surprised to know that a torpedo was called Bangalore. Later I researched for Bangalore torpedo and the details are here. The Bangalore was first devised by Captain McClintock, of the British Army Bengal, Bombay and Madras Sappers and Miners at Bangalore. Intresting trivia and good to know that Bangalore was internationally known since world war 1 period. Now for its software companies.

Bangalore since British raj has an interesting history around it including an equally interesting evolution of its existing name. But from Nov 1, 2006 onwards Bangalore will be renamed Bengaluru. I prefer Bangalore as it sounds very much Sci Fi and am used to it. I strongly feel , changing the name does not solve the existing problems the city has. I feel Govt has to think about more constructive ideas which addresses our criticle issues such as infrastructure.

Well ppl what do u like. Bangalore or Bengaluru.