Monday, March 24, 2008

Once in a while

The weather was just superb. I always enjoy bright sunny weather just after it has rained and was on my way to office. It was just about fine, but the sand was just about dry sufficient to make the turning slippery. I rammed my brakes a bit too fast and found myself kissing the road in a matter of nanoseconds. But I showed some amazing skills in getting up back to make sure that no one had noticed. This was number _ _ _ (counting) in the series of minor accidents that I have had in last few decades (road accidents, that is. My personal life itself is an accident, otherwise). Last accident I remember was at Kanakapura main road where I had found myself lying on the road, looking into eyes of the dog which had just hit Amogh’s bike (Well that was Amogh’s mistake). Apart from honing my driving skills, these accidents have also lent support to my arguments of why I should not have a girlfriend. My flashy new bike sustained a few scratches.