Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Chandan’s redesigned adda

I have finally redesigned my Blog layout and migrated to new bolgger. The major problem with redesigning is, the new design has to be better then the previous design. Lot of space was wasted in old design and I had to fix that. Also included few new and removed few unwanted stuff. You will, obviously see incremental little changes on the template as time passes, mostly in color and some layouts and things.

But the real change will be, hopefully, in my posting frequency. Honestly I don’t write half the time half as much as I should like and I like less than half my posts half as much as I should like to.

I really like to have lots of text on my blog. The problem is, in order to have lots of text; you need to be really witty. And right now I just don’t feel too witty. So I’m going to put lots of pictures on here, which makes things easier for me. It’s also good for people with extremely short attention spans.