Wednesday, November 04, 2009

World without war

Lately I saw Distric 9 and must say it's a fantastic movie. This is unlike any sci-fi we have seen in years. While watching I realised, thou aliens are intelligent they were not violent even when situation demands them to be aggressive. On the other hand, humans were highly aggressive and violent in nature.

Well almost every day we get to see humans in action either in Afganistan or in Isreal. But the violence level has come down significatly since world war era. We were evolved from being animals to hunters to present generation civilised lot. Yet our animal insticts are being displayed in form of war, formation of boundaries & countries, fight for land, compitation to find a suitable mate and in almost every thing apart from being dressed up. My guess is, if we survive another 500/1000 years I'm sure we would have evolved more and will not constrain ourselves to fight on things that are not necessary. We may see a day where there are no boundaries and restriction with peace prvailing every where. We can then say that we are finally & fully evolved. What do you think ?