Monday, December 27, 2004

The BCG Matrix

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The BCG matrix was devised by the boston counsulting group, a leading managemet consulting firm. It's widely used method of portfolio management helps companies to evaluate there business portfolio. This is my BCG analysis of brand "CHANDAN". Click on the pic to view a bigger image.

Saturday, December 25, 2004

Its about time

It had been a long week with nothing done and I was working out stratergies for about eight hours every day to complete undone work & two text books of 800 pages each. In the end, I'm back to square "A" with undone work undone & the text book lying in my bag showing no subtle hints that it was ever used or rather opened.

To be precise I put in more than 12 hours a day at work which includes my acadamics, yet I still cant get around to the brisk exersice I vowed to do every day. The idea of some time just for myself is delightful but who can manage it. Any way the funda lies in comming up with a stratergy to deal my personal time managent which i thinks consumes some time leaving me with no extra time. Again it boils down to one thing, with all this extra load of crap I remain idle doing nothing regretting for the lost time which I could have utilized to watch movies.

Finally today I decided it was time for me to take some time to decide finalised policies & guidelines on what to publish and what not to publish in my blog.

My blogging guideline follows.

1. The day since I started this blog, I received many invitations to swap my blog from existing blogger to live journal. I even gave a thought of doing that. But after carefully studying both the service providers I finally came to a conclusion that blogger is more user friendly with very good technical support as opposed to the support provided by users of live journal which usually takes a life time for the technical query to be resolved. I'm telling this by personal experience. So....... as long as I'm doing this I'll stick to blogger. (My only inclination to LJ is, it is open source)

2. This blog is aimed at satisfying the primary purpose of satisfying the "been there ... done that" line. Any estimate of the life of this blog would be purely speculative in nature, and would be a strong function of time availability, and the processing inclination of my cursed mind! Some of the content here may be derogatory for certain specimens in particular, or for certain species in general. Hell... I don’t give a damn. However continuing in this spirit of understanding and growth, I'll mail at least one bloglet every week.

3. I'll not publish single liners like " I'm angry on some one and I won’t tell who it is" OR more brief typical articles like "it rained in Bangalore resulting a quantum increase of mosquitoes. And due to pollution you could clearly see the mosquitoes were mutated without wings. They were helpless and I felt sad for them. I saw a person stamping the mosquitoes and I felt happy for him that he was deriving sadistic pleasure from stamping and again felt sorry for the mosquitoes" Yep! I am overdoing it but who the hell cares of what happened to Bangalore mosquitoes... U will find no such crap on my blog (if and when I write it)...

4. I wont publish my photos or of people whom I know personally. Pics related to this category will be posted directly to flickr account & will be available for public viewing. This invariably explains the mysterious disappearance of two Pics I had posted recently. {to myself "frown.....Hmmm.. Me & the mysterious ways in which my nerve cells in my brain work"}

5. This blog will contain lots of technical & eutreprenal notes/jargon to spread Global Gyan.

6. This will contain reviews of movies that I watch and books that I read along with my unending musings & philosophies.

7. This blog will also contain comprehensive and uncensored travelogue of my exciting journeys in and around globe.

Mmmmm.. I will conclude stating that " This is it for now. Adieu till my my next post"

Saturday, December 18, 2004

An Ideal Evening in Bangalore

Vidyarthi Bhavan
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Greetings friends, Yesterday evening I had been to Vidyarthi Bavan, the same old vintage kind of hotel where the main attraction is Masala Dosa. Though I prefer my blog to have technical stuff with lots of fuzzy logic, I could'nt resist including a bloglet which directly reflects my passion towards Masala Dosa. And most important thing of all, where else can you see people eating Dosa with one hand and punching codes on there laptops with the other.

I'ld like to begin with stating that, I'll try not to exagarate even a single line in this bloglet. The Hotel dates back to 1960's and can easily accommodate 50 people but at any given point of time you can witness X+1 number of people where X is always greater than 100. They will have occupied every free space available in the hotel blocking every possible exits. But as a matter of fact the hotel has only one exit i.e the main entarance and there are no windows. Though Bangalore is relatively cooler compared to other places of India, this hotel can easily pass out as a land of eternal summer.

Lucky for me & Vishwas that yesterday we were easily able to find a place inside hotel where we could rest half of our ass shared by few other customers eagerly waiting for there share of Dosa to arrive. This again goes without saying that the slightest mistake you make by leaving your seat unattended for even a fraction of second could result in you losing that seat and you cannot even calculate the time taken for the transition .Well I reckon you can even calculate time taken for electrons to jump from one orbit to other. However the hotel chef is very genourous and will allow the customers or rather allow an entire set of crowd to stand inside the kitchen to munch away dosa watching dosas being prepared.

At last a waiter turned up to take orders from us.

Waiter:- "Sir, What would you like to have? Any way I'll bring two Dosas"
Me:- "Mmmmmm let me check. Wat else do u think we are here for? We will have Dosa and what else do you have"
Waiter:- "We also have other dishes such as idlies, But we dont prepare them as the demand for those is one in million. Any way i'll bring Dosas".
Me:- "Wait, I'ld prefer to have some thing else along with Dosa. Wat else do you have?"
Waiter:- "Another Dosa"
Me:- "So you arbitrarily decided to give me another Dosa"
Waiter: "Well, that's all we have." (All this was said without rancor. I felt like I was in an Ayn rand novel. Neither one of us laughed, and he was utterlly remorseless.)
Another customer(angrily):- "WAITER, will you take my orders first"
Me:- Okay, I'll hav an extra Dosa.
Vishwas:- "Common, I do not have extra cash to sponser your extra Dosa"
Me:- "Hmmm, No extra Dosas for us. We will go with single Dosa each"
Waiter: Nothing said, he looked at us as if two aliens had jumped from Mars and had contacted him asking for his girlfriends Phone No.
Vishwas: "Okay, okay one by two coffee along with dosa" ( and the waiter left)

After quite some time the server came carrying dosas on plates such a way that the plates were towering one above other, till the ceiling just below the fans. You could clearly see his sweat beads dripping down on plates merging themself with the dosas. Again lucky for us that we were given the top most plates. Any way it did not not make any difference since our body had produced enough salivary and digestive jucies suficient to digest raw meat in seconds.Now, from an operations efficiency perspective, your taste sensory system would be running over capacity. Finance pros might recognize this as a classic example of asset utilization levels running dangerously high in the oral sensory system. Then came a person carrying chutney in bucket & pouring them over dosa adding an amazing visual spectra on the entire procedure.

We Indians have been the pall-bearers of the tradition of eating with our own hands. We cant let so rich a tradition die so easy a death. Eating dosa with your hands is an act of divine ecstasy. Your first touch of the ghee spread over the Masala Dosa…. The cosmic dance of your fingers while dipping the dosa in Chutney….. The first feel of the electric masala on your tongue, as you place one chutney-dipped finger over it … The act is not over just there, not yet. The grand finale to this unique spectacle is the finger licking ceremony. Indeed, no dosa eating experience can be complete without the connoisseur licking every single particle off his fingers (and sometimes, his palm). Ah, such simple yet fascinating pleasures that life has to offer ..

Finally it would be a mistake to wash our hands. Even the hotel authorities intend its customers to enjoy the pleasure of aroma of dosa to remain till next day. Hence forth they provide you with two peices of old news paper for you to rub the oil from your hand. As a result the only free place you could find inside the hotel is near its wash basin. And also the sink can be considered as the most under utilized sink in the entire country...... I think this is it for today... Catch you later

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Making Ice?

silicon spray Originally uploaded by Time Machine.

I remember asking my parents with questions like how does electricity work, how does a TV work, why I hav to study math though i dont use most of the probs in daily life . Today, I am the same! I still pull things apart to figure out how they work, tweak or mod them. I could not live happily without the freedom to pull anything apart, figure out how it work, make it do what I want it to do. Today I was walking in the production floor of our office and I could'nt resist myself using the Silicon spray they had kept there. They use it to reduce the mould temparature instantaniously. Initially I sprayed it on my hand and it was very cold. After some time my fingers turned yellow and had to rub it together to bring it back to normal room temparature. Later I found a K type thermocouple which I attached to a portable temp indicator to make a crude digital thermometer. I took some temparature readings placing it on many objects including my coffee to check the correctness of thermometer. Lucky for me that the thermometer was accurate to about +/- 1 degree centigrade. Later I sprayed the silicon aerol formulation on the thermocouple and the digital thermometer was showing -35degree centigrade. Now I wanted to check, Will I be able to make ice? I knew it would work but I wanted to know the time and quantity of spray required to manufacture Ice. I folded a copper foil and poured few drops of water on it. I started spraying the formulation below copper foil and exactly after 15 sec ice was formed. You may tell me, that was nothing and any one could have thought of that or I was simply wasting my time. But I always suggest every one to do something to exercise your fair use today. Record a radio show, copy a CD to your iPod, open your bike and tweak your timing, download something good and reverse-engineer it, contribute a patch to something open-source, listen to a police transmitter, pick a lock, climb a roof. Do this not because you are a pirate, but because you are higher mortal capable of doing things other then what normal people do.

Friday, December 10, 2004

Wap Link

I'ld like to share a cool wap link that I came across recently "" . To access this via mobile, you need to register your name and email id normally through internet. This portal has a very good collection of pictures and applications. Apart from this you can upload your own application, ringtones or any thing you feel like having in ur mobile and download the same to ur mobile via GPRS. It has a very good collection of movie reviews that are updated constantly. Enjoy......

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Five point someone, wat not to do at IIT

Yesterday I got this novel (Five point someone) and managed to finish reading this in one single sitting. I dont remember doing this in recent times and the last novel I finished in one single stretch was, The Day of the Jackal. But I'm not going to compare the two since Day of the Jackal is a class apart. Five point someone is authored by Mr. Chetan Baghat and captures the unique flavor of India's elite institution, IIT. The characters in this plot have messed up there GPA ( Grade Point Average) to mere five points and are branded as five pointers through out there stay in IIT. The novel is very funny and could easily represent an ideal Hindi film story, yet very touchy at times, informal and pacey. And there is this not so happening, not so good looking chap who is smitten with Neha who happens to be there Prof's daughter. I always wonder, How good looking girls always fall for not so good looking guys? This clearly justifies that life is very unfair. Its a well constructed book with great characters.You will immediately start liking the characters in the book Yet my suggestion is not to read this because you may start feeling miserable at times. Adios....

Webstats for my blog

The webstats Im getting are unbelievable. I know this is very less compared to the blogs I know, yet I'm impressed. The page load is almost 300 and raising steadily. I even anounced of giving away e-books for visitors who leave comments. Vaishak will get an ebook shortly for leaving a comment. But I wont comment on the content of the comment itself. Also surprised to find that my blog had a few references that came from search engine results. I'm even able to drill down to my visitors gegraphical data, access time, there IP addresses and many such things. Visitors, one request though ... Please leave some comments and messages in the blog... Me getting bored. Also im eager to know if there are any returning visitors whome i do not know personally. I'll be glad to get comments from them. Thats it for now and I think I'm absolutly topic less. Adios till my next mail.

Friday, December 03, 2004

Current Mood: Confused

I cannot believe that my T1 final exams are already around the corner! Last month has been more of a Whir and I did very less to keep up with my portions. Well to be frank I never used to keep up with my portions till the last date before examination. In T1 we have more qualitative subjects then quantitative subjects as opposed to traditional Syllabus. Managing People at Work, Managing Engineers, Competitive strategy, Negotiations and motivation, Decision models and Uncertainty, Ethics and Communications and a lot of case studies. Of course Economics & Finance still maintain the quantitative rigor but I don’t have to worry about them for another three months. Its likely to be very busy tomorrow (I mean today, Its almost 12.30am in the morning) and I'm yet to finish off with a project. I know I wont be able to complete my project today. That really is a secondary issue since I'm very good at cooking up new reasons for not completing the project in time. However I've time till Saturday and somehow I'm planing to finish it of in time for the first time. Schedules are getting tighter. The workload is growing exponentially. Cases, projects, assignments, quizzes have started in full swing. I’ve two meetings to run on Saturday, and they completely overlap. I’ve been making a habit of doing that just so I have a reason to bail out of some of these boring sessions. Also I'm planning to mail E-Books for the people who comment. So........ my loyal readers please feel free to leave your comments. Anyway, time for me to collapse, So bye for now...