Saturday, December 25, 2004

Its about time

It had been a long week with nothing done and I was working out stratergies for about eight hours every day to complete undone work & two text books of 800 pages each. In the end, I'm back to square "A" with undone work undone & the text book lying in my bag showing no subtle hints that it was ever used or rather opened.

To be precise I put in more than 12 hours a day at work which includes my acadamics, yet I still cant get around to the brisk exersice I vowed to do every day. The idea of some time just for myself is delightful but who can manage it. Any way the funda lies in comming up with a stratergy to deal my personal time managent which i thinks consumes some time leaving me with no extra time. Again it boils down to one thing, with all this extra load of crap I remain idle doing nothing regretting for the lost time which I could have utilized to watch movies.

Finally today I decided it was time for me to take some time to decide finalised policies & guidelines on what to publish and what not to publish in my blog.

My blogging guideline follows.

1. The day since I started this blog, I received many invitations to swap my blog from existing blogger to live journal. I even gave a thought of doing that. But after carefully studying both the service providers I finally came to a conclusion that blogger is more user friendly with very good technical support as opposed to the support provided by users of live journal which usually takes a life time for the technical query to be resolved. I'm telling this by personal experience. So....... as long as I'm doing this I'll stick to blogger. (My only inclination to LJ is, it is open source)

2. This blog is aimed at satisfying the primary purpose of satisfying the "been there ... done that" line. Any estimate of the life of this blog would be purely speculative in nature, and would be a strong function of time availability, and the processing inclination of my cursed mind! Some of the content here may be derogatory for certain specimens in particular, or for certain species in general. Hell... I don’t give a damn. However continuing in this spirit of understanding and growth, I'll mail at least one bloglet every week.

3. I'll not publish single liners like " I'm angry on some one and I won’t tell who it is" OR more brief typical articles like "it rained in Bangalore resulting a quantum increase of mosquitoes. And due to pollution you could clearly see the mosquitoes were mutated without wings. They were helpless and I felt sad for them. I saw a person stamping the mosquitoes and I felt happy for him that he was deriving sadistic pleasure from stamping and again felt sorry for the mosquitoes" Yep! I am overdoing it but who the hell cares of what happened to Bangalore mosquitoes... U will find no such crap on my blog (if and when I write it)...

4. I wont publish my photos or of people whom I know personally. Pics related to this category will be posted directly to flickr account & will be available for public viewing. This invariably explains the mysterious disappearance of two Pics I had posted recently. {to myself "frown.....Hmmm.. Me & the mysterious ways in which my nerve cells in my brain work"}

5. This blog will contain lots of technical & eutreprenal notes/jargon to spread Global Gyan.

6. This will contain reviews of movies that I watch and books that I read along with my unending musings & philosophies.

7. This blog will also contain comprehensive and uncensored travelogue of my exciting journeys in and around globe.

Mmmmm.. I will conclude stating that " This is it for now. Adieu till my my next post"