Thursday, December 09, 2004

Five point someone, wat not to do at IIT

Yesterday I got this novel (Five point someone) and managed to finish reading this in one single sitting. I dont remember doing this in recent times and the last novel I finished in one single stretch was, The Day of the Jackal. But I'm not going to compare the two since Day of the Jackal is a class apart. Five point someone is authored by Mr. Chetan Baghat and captures the unique flavor of India's elite institution, IIT. The characters in this plot have messed up there GPA ( Grade Point Average) to mere five points and are branded as five pointers through out there stay in IIT. The novel is very funny and could easily represent an ideal Hindi film story, yet very touchy at times, informal and pacey. And there is this not so happening, not so good looking chap who is smitten with Neha who happens to be there Prof's daughter. I always wonder, How good looking girls always fall for not so good looking guys? This clearly justifies that life is very unfair. Its a well constructed book with great characters.You will immediately start liking the characters in the book Yet my suggestion is not to read this because you may start feeling miserable at times. Adios....

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