Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Making Ice?

silicon spray Originally uploaded by Time Machine.

I remember asking my parents with questions like how does electricity work, how does a TV work, why I hav to study math though i dont use most of the probs in daily life . Today, I am the same! I still pull things apart to figure out how they work, tweak or mod them. I could not live happily without the freedom to pull anything apart, figure out how it work, make it do what I want it to do. Today I was walking in the production floor of our office and I could'nt resist myself using the Silicon spray they had kept there. They use it to reduce the mould temparature instantaniously. Initially I sprayed it on my hand and it was very cold. After some time my fingers turned yellow and had to rub it together to bring it back to normal room temparature. Later I found a K type thermocouple which I attached to a portable temp indicator to make a crude digital thermometer. I took some temparature readings placing it on many objects including my coffee to check the correctness of thermometer. Lucky for me that the thermometer was accurate to about +/- 1 degree centigrade. Later I sprayed the silicon aerol formulation on the thermocouple and the digital thermometer was showing -35degree centigrade. Now I wanted to check, Will I be able to make ice? I knew it would work but I wanted to know the time and quantity of spray required to manufacture Ice. I folded a copper foil and poured few drops of water on it. I started spraying the formulation below copper foil and exactly after 15 sec ice was formed. You may tell me, that was nothing and any one could have thought of that or I was simply wasting my time. But I always suggest every one to do something to exercise your fair use today. Record a radio show, copy a CD to your iPod, open your bike and tweak your timing, download something good and reverse-engineer it, contribute a patch to something open-source, listen to a police transmitter, pick a lock, climb a roof. Do this not because you are a pirate, but because you are higher mortal capable of doing things other then what normal people do.


Anonymous said...

Nice thoughts man, you always inspire me :)


S.L. 500 said...

I like the way you think . Pick a lock ! That brought back a few things . Keep producing waves , it has an effect . Thanks