Monday, August 10, 2009

How many hours do you have ?

I don’t know if you encounter the same problem as I, but I keep on receiving complaints from my family and friends that I don't spend time with them. I however do like (friends, family, etc). You know, the kind of awfully nice people that nonetheless strangely feels that I do not go out with them often. This gets tough when you are working 6 days a week as I do and I'm in a manufacturing domain where working six days a week is "NORMAL". I get only one day for myself and my parents insists me to be at home. It seems I'm ruining running my life at a crazy pace. We may think of people, then something comes up and we never meet them. The month ends, another comes along, and again that trip we decided to go is never made. I'm fortunate to have some really good set of friends but I wish I had more time to spend with every one of them.