Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I'm being spammed

In case if there is a contest for a person getting maximum no of spam mails. I'ld be a clear winner among my friends. Leave comments if you feel u can beat my stats. I recive a whooping average of 36 spam per hour or even more some times . That is one spam every 90 seconds. Plz note I usually don't register for news letters or Ezines with my official id, yet I'm a victim of this spams.

Now I understnd the seriousness of a simple mistake I did few months back. I simply gaveaway my E mail id without enclosing it inside suitable Java script in my blog template.As I write this post, my inbox is indicating 11 new messages. Any way hav made necessary modification in my template. Hmmmm, Ppl here's a handy link to find out top 20 ways to Prevent spam. Till then happy spam fighting.

1 comment:

Praveen said...

LOL.. I am bombarded with those pesky things in my rediffmail account. But certainly not to the amount that you have written! Woah! thatz bogglin' dude! Whoopping numbers! I presume they are all in your inbox, unlike in the bulk/junk mail folders! Even therein I don't think I cud beat that number.. nevertheless leavin' a comment! :P