Friday, November 26, 2004

Was Darwin Wrong?

Today I was going thru National Geographic magazine and came across photos which supports darwin theory of evolution. However till date there is doubts about his theory. But biologists have unearthed sufficient proof to substentiate the theory. Charls darwins grand theory of evolution by natural selection , links diverse biological facts into coherent whole. Well well did I mention Biology. Biology and chandan does not match. My interests towards biology is limited only to the amazing science of HUMAN REPRODUCTION...... ;-) I recon this might be the only answer for, how I passed my Class 10th Biology tests ?.......

Darwin took crucial ideas from population theorist Thomos Maltus . "More induviduals are born than one can survive and reproduce given the limitation of food and space" Well well...... to support this we can always look into insectivorous plant such as venus fly trap occupy nutrient poor soil where compitition is less severe & survive supplimenting there diets by captured insects.

Lets see what Darwin had told about Madagascar Orchid. This orchid had 11inch long receptacle{enlarged tip of a stem that bears the floral parts used for storing necter} He predicted some where in Madagascar the place he had never visited must live moth with a proboscis(A long flexible tube/ snout used to suck necter) 11 inch long adapted to harvest orchids necter. Forty years later Madagascar Spnix moth xanthopan morganii praedicto was found confirming Darwins prediction. This is what i call as co-evolution. Talking of moths reminds me of one interesting thing. Moth is the only species apart from humans which hav ***, I mean copulate facing each other.

Skeptics of evolutionary theory ask can we see evolution, can we observe in the world? can it be measured in the laboratory? the answer is yes. Some virus evolve quickly and some slowly. Among the fastest is HIV, 'cause its method of replecation itself involvesa high rate of mutation and those mutation alows virus to assume new forms. After just a few years of infection & drug treatment each HIV patient carries unique version of virus. . Isolation within one infected personplus differing conditions & struggle to survive forces each version of HIV to evolve indipendently. Its nothing but what darwin saw in Galpogos except each human body is an Island & newly evolved forms are'nt so chaming as finches, mocking birds or even female form of human species. We have come a long way since darwin looked for evidence in pigeon hole.

I guess this was it...........Hmmm apart from getting stuck in rain today and having Nanari. Well lemme think, Ok I wont write any thing about Nanari in this bloglet. Since nanari itself deserves a entire bloglet. Few minutes back I came to my normal self after quite a few hours of being in fuzzy state.This was because I was totally drenched & when I came to my nibhourhood which had not received a single drop of rain made me feel out of place. Don't mind my habit of writing aimlessly. Any way I dont care as long as I start disliking this habit. Adios till my next mail.

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