Sunday, November 14, 2004

Taxi, the movie

Yesterday was calm and peaceful. I had a 6.1channel wave guide speakers along with a dvd player all for myself, where i spent the night alone. I watched Taxi. The movie is a comedy thriller however i infer its a fiction. The movie is full of bank robberies and car chase. The fiction part of the movie is, the cars are driven by women and are capable of driving 100 kmph in reverse gear. Also one of the them gets qualified for Nasscar. Yet at the same time its brilliantly funny and the car chase reminds me of nfs hot pursuit.

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Karthik Kashyap said...

Hi Chandan, what you said was right. The movie approximately two hours & is worth watching. Its a fantastic movie for adventure lovers like me. The character I liked the most in the movie was the Inspector, the Hero of this movie. The car also is one of the highlights in the movie. Whoever will see this comment should watch this movie. NjOy!