Monday, November 08, 2004

A lazy Weekend

A lazy Weekend


Watched Gone in 60 sec. Also had gone to a Chinese restaurant Manjia. My friends treat. Now it is difficult to understand the value of free treat. But believe me, for anyone, there are few things in life as precious as his dose of FREE TREAT. Free treat is not just free treat. Its something much more valuable than that. The fun of eating free(biti) food did not last long. The food was horrible and what is even more special is that my friend ended up paying more then 500bucks. We ate Pani Pooris on road side just to forget the unforgettable taste that was cleverly administered to us by the hotel authorities.

The whole of the day, all that I effectively did was to lie on the sofa, sit on the sofa, sleep on the sofa, watch TV from the sofa " UNDISTURBED", and read books on the sofa. Amazingly I even managed to finish a Novel by Salman Rushdie again UNDISTURBED. Weekend would always be a bliss when every thing is UNDISTURBED and left to the nature to take its course.

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