Thursday, November 25, 2004

Googlism for: chandan

This is a summary of what Google has to say on Chandan V. All thanks to for this entirely comprehensive and insightful analysis: chandan is just having fun with language ? chasing it around in the hope that it will lead him somewhere significant {This reminds me, I've to learn french yet } chandan is the artist behind this site { This is what I call as co-incidence } chandan is also a former beauty queen { I never knew I was good at cross dressing } chandan is not one of those populist poets who has a stream of "wah { But I do write poems} chandan is also making a statement about the life and vitality of his own personal roots chandan is blessed with astounding pre { But, alas sitting here slogging for my exams} chandan is also severely beaten up and dumped in jungle to die { But he was left with a laptop with high speed internet connectivity for blogging this } chandan is board certified in internal medicine chandan is joining the linguistics department having read sanskrit for his ba and ma at the university of chandan is hanging precariously on a rope and climbing a mountain chandan is continuing the album chandan is still refusing to take normal food { This is news} chandan is a classically trained musician and his mother had a vast repertoire of folk music chandan is representative of the south asian poets living here and writing in a variety of asian languages; little of this work chandan is a student at sussex university and stood in to replace david morgan chandan is always busy ( I hope people will realise why I take a lifetime to reply messages) chandan is not a party member and i am not supposed to know about him chandan is born at rivenport seahold chandan is killed chandan is a registered dietitian who works in nutritional support chandan is a 3 star hotel with many amenities chandan is no better than those caught on the wrong side of the law in his greed chandan is owned by cbs entertainment ltd { I dont remember them paying me any thing} chandan is a disinfectant { Now I know, Why mosquitoes dont bite me} chandan is formed in 2 times of 4 elements chandan is 28 years old location chandan is hanging precariously on a rope on the mountain chandan is a classical singer and used to sing at the gurdwara chandan is living there" chandan is beyond imagination" { People never took this seriously } chandan is helpful for erasing hypermentation scars chandan is a muslim chandan is still in jail


Shubha said...

Hey Chandan, What is this all about. I guess you didn't know what to write and so you cooked up this nonsense !!

Kishan said...

Googlism is Crazy!
anyways had a great laugh....
its says I am a Gangster *biddu biddu laughing*