Thursday, November 15, 2007

Phantom calls

I had heard about them but had never experienced it until recently.Phantom calls are so frequent that I have to touch my pockets to confirm or deny the ringing. Eventually I end up digging for my cellphone that isn't ringing. It's gotten to the point where I won't even have my cell phone with me but I feel the vibrations. As I understand this is mainly because, we will be more alert to sensations that represent a cellphone vibration and it leads you to over-incorporate non-vibratory sensations and attribute them to the idea that you're receiving a phone call. Hence my phantom calls are more frequent when I'm riding. This thing is very annoying, I'm planning to switch off the vibrating mode and will try to relay on the ring tone alone. In turn I'll be saving on battery life as well. On the second thought I may end up draining battery as I've to solely rely on my listening ability which is almost impossible in Bangalore. Hence the caller keeps trying until I lift my mobile.

Any way, in case if I don't answer your call you know I'll be busy experimenting. But don't worry I'll get back to you sooner or later.


molarbear's posts said...

I haven't had this experience fact, I generally don't like receiving too many calls!

Vaishak Suresh said...

Bluetooth/wired handsfree?

Suksy said...

Hey Chandan,

Came across ur blog while googling for madhugiri. Nice posts dude..

Phantom calls used to happen very frequently wid me till I started the practice of switching off my cell and keeping it in my bag while riding...

It helped for me.. hope it helps u as well!