Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Being perfectionist is sin

I feel my best character is my worst enemy. I somehow do not have the ability to tolerate imperfections. As a result I do not study if I feel that I'm unable to complete 100% of the syllabus,Replace my wrist watch glass if there is minor scratch and so on. Thou I'm not perfect, my pursuit to perfection has really driven me crazy. At the end of the day nothing gets done. Sometimes I'm stressed to a point wherein I can barely function. Hence from today onwards I've decided to tolerate 10 - 15% of imperfection in things that I come across. This reminds me of deliberate mistakes that were allowed to be purposefully made on temple carvings, worrying to get 100% of the things right is not worth the effort.

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Kishan said...

Regarding Imperfections... Ah! that has been my problem too.. I used to feel I have failed if what I have done wasn't perfect...

But I am gettign better...:)