Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Hidden Retreat

Road to TG Dam Originally uploaded by Time Machine.

We had been to TG dam on Magadi road toaday and is a nice place to vist during monsoon. Since access to dam is prohibited to public I have included a article that discribes the way to reach the other end of Dam. Journey was eventful & the road passes btwn various hills and farms.
HIDDEN RETREATS-II Ideal spot to picnic in backwaters: TIPPAGONDANAHALLI (aka Thippagondanahalli, Thippagondana halli, Tippagondana halli & Tippa gondana halli) By Anita Rao Kashi/TNN
Bangalore: If you are at a loose end on a lazy Saturday or Sunday morning and don't wish to go too far from Bangalore, then Thippagondanahalli (T.G. Halli) is the ideal place for a family picnic. Essentially a reservoir at the confluence of rivers Arkavathy and Kumbavathy, it is about 35 km from Bangalore on the way to Magadi. Since T.G. Halli supplies drinking water to 20 per cent of the city, entry from the main gate, which leads to the supply and treatment areas, is restricted. But the backwaters can be approached from just outside Magadi town. Though water sports are generally not encouraged since there are no guards, boating is done intermittently. However, thick foliage and woody areas around the backwaters conceal many hiking and trekking trails. Many enthusiastic bikers eye the area; the winding road to reach the dam backwaters is equally scenic.
The dam is not without history: In 1931, due to increasing population in Bangalore, per capita water availability dwindled to 45 litres and water sources within the city were not sufficient. An expert committee was set up, which recommended building of a dam across Arkavathy. The task was given to the state's greatest engineering mind - Sir M. Visvesvaraya. The dam, also called Chamarajasagar, was completed and commissioned in 1933. It has been in working condition ever since.
Getting there: Distance: About 35 km. How to get there: Take the Magadi Road out of Bangalore and follow it till you reach the reservoir gate; go past it round the bend, past the bridge and climb back towards Magadi on the other side. Half way up the incline look for a muddy road on the right. The road is bumpy and pebbly and will lead you straight on to the water's edge. By public transport: Regular buses ply between Bangalore and Magadi, but there is no stop, so please check with the driver if he will drop you at the turnoff.
Food: Best to carry; Magadi 15 km from dam) or Tavarakere (5 km before dam are the nearest towns, but food in these places is basic at best. Best time to visit: After monsoon; it could be treacherous during the rains, dry in summer.
Tips: The paths are quite pebbly, so watch your step. It's advisable to go in groups and leave before dark. Also visit: Ranganatha temple and fort in Magadi. "

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