Wednesday, May 18, 2005

The thing I like about my office

It's 36 degrees outside, there's a 0 mile-an-hour wind and it looks like there'll be no rain for another 10 days. You could see the dust rising from soil displaced by occasional vehicles passing by. The place in conversation is my office situated in an industrial zone amidst the busiest part of Bangalore viz Bannerghatta Main Road. At this very moment our office can easily pass out as land of eternal summer. I'm drenched in sweat, which of course is rare phenomenon since I don’t sweat easily. There is an unusual silence all around and one single occupant occupies the entire first floor of the office and that is me. Well this is because of my innovative suggestion towards overhead and cost reduction. Within a span of 10weeks 20% of the company employees left their jobs in peruse of better opportunities or rather there was a massive layoff. Along with the heat I’ve have other ppls work to take care of; that includes imports, purchase, sales, finance, system & ERP implementation in 6 hours a day. Later on I’ve my classes to attend which of course is the toughest part of the day.

With all this, most of the noise making industries (basically manufacturing units) in and around are being replaced by software industries. This has added more silence to existing silence. Despite all this I’m inhaling a pleasant aroma of coffee being brewed in a nearby coffee processing unit. I believe it’s one among few things that keeps me going between my musings. There are very few words in English language that could explain the effect of this coffee aroma on me in an industrial area like this. Hmmm as I always say sometimes small things like this can make a huge difference.

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