Thursday, June 30, 2005

How do u like this ?

The spirit of enterprise. It's booming, and in a much wider swathe of industries than you'd think. The effect of globalisation is being felt across India. Globalisation in relation to India has been a two way process. Global forces have had a considerable impact on India at all levels of its life. They are penetrating its economy and reshaping its structure and mode of operation. They are forcing India to redefine its place in the world and its relation to its neighbours and the west. India's educational and cultural life, TV and print media, and its perception of itself and the world are also undergoing profound changes. Not surprisingly, India today is quite different from what it was barely ten years ago, and it is not easy to predict how it will progress during the next few years.

India has not been a passive recipient of global impact. Both directly and through its diaspora, it has increasingly become a significant global presence. India's literature, arts, films, religions, food, textiles, fashions and music are now an integral part of life in the west. Its doctors, IT specialists, computer scientists, small and large industrialists, managers and engineers are present in the west in large numbers and have made a very considerable impact. Indeed, they are admired for their skills and hard work and are much sought after. As a result u can witness more and more CEO's emerging from this sub-continent

Most CEOs see leisure as an occupational necessity, but for some it is a positive pleasure. Here in the inset u can see chandan (Prospective CEO from India), having a day out in Banyan County relaxing after a weeks hard work. Just the thing for CEOs who need to get that mile high view of their business environment. So ppl I'ld love to see ur comments on this, keep it comming.


Dr Harsha said...

hi dude.. it need not remain just a dream! keep working and u might actually post an actual photo like this! good luck!

pravinism said...

Yes, Mr Future CEO.. who knows, may be we have here the future president of Banyan county!

Karthik Kashyap said...

Hello Sir,
Gone are the days of hard work. Expected are the days when you become a CEO & appoint me as your right hand for your company.

Ash the Tech said...

Sisya, life nalli Bus Jaasthi aaithu. All the same, I would love to see you Chandan on a magazine like that.