Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Banyan County & Art of Living

Banyan County & Art of Living Originally uploaded by Time Machine.

After a very long interval I had a weekend to remember. Thou my frnds go out often I usually stay behind due to many unexplainable or rather complex reasons of mine. After lot of planning & replanning we decided to go to Minchinballe, a small reservoir near Mysore road. But as usual we ended up going to a different destination which of course is a result of various combinations of events. Lemmme tell u some thing; In case u want your Biological clock to be permanently damaged, I suggest you spend some time with us. Hmmm I hope u understand the reason for the different destination.

We had gone to a small holiday village "Banyan County". Nice place which is approximately 15 Km off Mysore Rd from Blore. Food is horrible but the place is silent & peaceful. It has four swimming pools to suit your requirement. It was almost one year since I had my last swim, hence relaxed some time in the pool. The best part is, you cld have your food served next to the pool. No Entry Fees and very less ppl know about this place. I suggest u go there before it gets crowded.

Sunday was a bliss. I spent most of the time sleeping and watching TV. However I and Amogh had gone to Art of Living, located on Kanakpura Main Road. Not that we are heading towards a spiritual enlightenment nor a special interest in art of living. Its just the journey to go there that we enjoy the most. We usually prefer silent old roads that takes us nowhere. Tensions disappear along roads like this. Well I liked the interior of art of living meditation complex. It's an air conditioned meditation hall or rather building with very high glass panes placed instead of walls. Since the building is in an higher region you can have a bird's view of sorrounding places sitting inside the Hall. I suggest ppl to go there only on weekdays when the crowd is less

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