Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Feeling relaxed

Dressing up properly makes a huge difference on how your day goes by. The type of work that I do requires me to wear formals most of the time (not that I follow that strictly). I wonder, have business executives ever considered that perhaps if people were told they could dress comfortably and more casually, rather than the tight, stifling white shirt, slacks, and jacket, productivity in the office might actually, I don't know, INCREASE? I'd certainly feel a lot cooler and more relaxed if I could do that.

However despite all this constraints today I'm wearing a short sleeved cotton shirt which is not tucked and my favorite 4 year old Levies jeans torn in all wrong places. The attire is so comfortable that I feel like I'm on an holiday and day was very productive. It is almost 4 in the evening and I'm not tired at all.

While you are at it, here is a neat illustration to dress up the Mac way. Simple yet geeky, casual and relaxed. Apple surely knows how to make things distinctive and unique, may it be with gadgets or an Ad or the way you dress. And ah yes if you are planning to gift me with any of those, my birthday is right down the corner in January. And I do accept gifts in advance. I wonder how to dress up the Linux way.


MM said...

Your post has been just read by one of the most careless dressers who ever roamed the face of the earth!!

;) :D

Aditya said...

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