Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A week in pondicherry

Last weekend marked my most memorable visit to pondicherry. If you are expecting a post about my Rendezvous with French woman, you would be disappointed. Its about a spicy night with bed bugs. Yup as I had not booked bus tickets in advance I had to settle for ride in Semi Deluxe bus of Pondicherry transport corporation. My hands are swollen with bites. I had assumed bed bugs are rare and are in verge of extinction. But they are very much alive and were crawling all over the seats. If I post an image of my swollen hand, it'll will gross you out and can be used as a good prop for an horror movie. So please think twice before you alight a Pondicherry Govt Bus. Well while coming back I had booked tickets in KSRTC Volvo and must say KSRTC rocks.

Apart from my routine official work I used to take an evening stroll at the beach along Gorbert avenue and while coming back to my room I used to take different route across French colony and was enjoying the place while walking back. The French colony is in contrast with rest of pondicherry, very neat with nice buildings along the roads. The most striking part was the simplicity in architecture yet very attractive. As I say often, simple things in life are very beautiful.

And did I say, I can speak French fairly well but that doesn't help me at all because the only thing I can say in it is, "Qu'a fait l'u dit?" (What did you say?) which just makes the other person repeat whatever he/she had said before. And yes can someone help me out with " Can I ask you out on a date this weekend ". Now if you're talking about French, that is a funny language. From what I came to know, it is common knowledge that the French attach a lot of importance to matters of sex and this is best reflected in the fact that in their language, every object has a gender. I wanted to find out how they had gone about the gender allocation. Then I assume my computer is female as it takes in things(Information) and my cell phone charger to be male for obvious reasons that need not be explained. While you think about it, bye and have a nice day.


MM said...

I was there in Pondy as well, in july, and I took a snap standing on that exact spot!!

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