Monday, May 29, 2006

5000 Hits

I'm posting this entry between my exam preparation. This is a very special post of mine. My statcounter is indicating 5000 hits and its nice to know that it has reached that special landmark. From the day since I started blogging I've somehow been emotionally attached to it. I still remember signing up for blogger and searching thru various templates just to give that special look for my blog. Also here is a handy link to my blogging guidelines that I had posted long back. And I still remember spending lot of time on photoshop to design the time machine header in my blog. And it was nice to know and meet people whome I got to know thru blogging. Specially praveen (Technoshocker) who is a very good online friend of mine whome I'm yet to meet. And not to forget the calls I ocassionally receive just to discuss certain articles that I've posted. To celebrate 5000th visitor i was planning to redesign my entire template but I'm very much attached to my existing template. However I've made some minor modifications and fixed few bugs. All in all it is fun to blog. And thankyou visitors.

MEANWHILE JOGA BONITO (celebrating the soccer fever going on everywhere). Have fun and play more

Meaning "play [it] beautifully" in Portuguese -it's a fictional association created for a Nike ad campaign. Chekout this beautiful Joga_bonito video here..


Velu Nair said...

Reached ur blog, thru Giri's and shud say it looks awesome. Not forgetting to mention the splendid posts too. All the best for the exams too!!
happy visitor 5167.

Praveen said...

Woohoo!! Thatz double celebrations rite there dude!! Congrats on the whopping viewerships!! Yippee!! A special mention of me in an exclusive blog!!! Kewl deal there man! Personally, your blog is infotainment all the way! Keep writing!