Thursday, March 23, 2006

Spiderman 3

"I saw Spiderman few days back, awesome movie. But I kept thinking how lucky Peter Parker was to have that web shooters form in his forearm instead of his ass like every other spider on the planet."

Any way, what I feel is, it is very difficult to realize a cartoon character as a movie. Movies such as Phantom and Superman that were released many years back were unable to do justice to their characters. Spiderman was an exception, fluidity in spider mans movement and his behavior is characterized very well.

As of now I'm waiting for Spider Man 3 to be released. I was idly surfing for spider man 3 pics /trailers and came across the above posted pic. One interesting thing to note is Spider man’s sporting a black costume. And also rumors confirm that Venom would be the villain. Sooooo ppl and all you Marvel comic fans, you could expect some good action stuff

All in all superhero movies are good stress buster and usually suited for a lazy weekend.


Praveen said...

I am still LMAO ROFL at ur take on the butt of the superhero! Guess frontal shootin' is a lot better than rear end! the Web wud be real smelly! well before I gross out.. I do like a couple of quotes from that movie.. which I recite to myself often.. kinda pamperin' my superhero image!!

Vishi said...

SuperMan is coming up too! gotta see it