Thursday, March 24, 2005

When was the last time you did some thing for the First time?

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I've decided to raise early in the morning 330am. But as usual it is another wasted effort. Alarm keeps ringing and I keep pressing snooze till it is 7pm. Already getting loaded. And did I here someone saying "What about Chandan's blog?" Let's see. Today I made an effort to ensure that I put in at least a blank post like this one. Or wait a minute; I think I have something to write. Yesterday I learned to play POOL. Not an interesting game altogether. I learnt the basics in the first ten minutes and the next ten minutes was spent on learning, how to hold the cue and hit the ball (Striker or whatever they call it)? Thou, initially it was tough to hit the striker but got hold of the technique by the end of the game. Guess what I won the game. Plz note my opponent was also an amateur. Most of the time we spent posing for my frnds camera trying to portray ourselves as professional players. But as the facts has it, we ended up entertaining the people present there by making the striker fly over the board across the room. Mmmm but as I always say " Its nice to try new things now and then"

Completed things in my TO DO LIST
a. Learnt swimming
b. Tried coracling
c. Learnt canoeing
d. Played Pool, snooker.
e. Camping at night in middle of an uninhabited island.
f. Mountaineering
g. Trekking
h: Stargazing using a powerful telescope.

a. Learn diving
b. Try wild water rafting
c. Para sailing
d. Rock climbing
e. Skydiving
f. Camp in middle of a desert
g. Fly a bi plane
h. Fly a glider
i. Try Bungee Jumping.
j. River crossing

Hmm the list goes on... Mebbe I'll come up with something more worthwhile tomorrow. Till then byebye ..


Vaishak Suresh said...

I've been trying to put some descipline into my life too :)
I have started working out really hard in the gym! Next time we meet, I will tad bigger ;)

divya said...

hey!cool blog dude!well if ud call this post a bland one...never mind..this aint!it very clearly hit me as to how borin ma life is!!thanx 4 the enlightment!cudnt help but ask maself..."wen WAS the last time i did smthin 4 the first time?"...way to go dude!