Sunday, March 13, 2005

NCJ Re-Union

NCJ Re-Union
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Once upon a time, so long ago that I no longer remember how long ago, there used to be times when I could find time to blog frequently... But alas, those were the golden days... These are dark times that I live in...And Im busy :-(( Well I had to write this since I had promised my former class mates that I will post this bloglet before monday.

And if you didnt get it, it also implies that Im back to the trainload of work that had piled up over the week. My Exams are nearing. And that means the end terms are close by. That implies my prepration deadlines are threateningly close to me. And its not just easy

We had our NCJ class reunion today and it was nice to see my old class mates and hear there sucess stories. We were eighteen and met at our college(NCJ) and went for lunch at Chandini Chowk at koramangala. A hotel that appeared like a typical bollywood studio with a slightly higher tariff compared to other hotels.

There was this mahidhar (our class topper) who was vividly explaing his theories about brother-brother concept and babies (This concept requiries a huge bloglet that I'll post some time later). Altogether it was nice to have met them after such a long time.

It is now 4:30 in the morning(!!!) and im still up an has become so cruel all of a sudden. Gota go and crash now... Bye for now ... Good night( or is it morning?)

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