Wednesday, March 30, 2005

One major milestone

Actually, my blog has reached its 1000th hit sometime back... And I wont let this major milestone go unnoticed. This blog has stood the test of time ... a long period of almost more than 3 month is over since this blog's inception. So all ye loyal readers who have stuck on patiently, please standup for a round of applause for chandan's Blog. May Chandan and his blog live peacefully forever... Also in my stat counter they hav added this very neat feature, that allows you to lookup the ip address of your visitor to find out about them. This is very useful if you are tracing some one. But well that opens up another major issue, that of privacy. Why do I see the Webstats? Isnt it like intruding on the privacy of my dear visitors? I hope not. Im just doing this out of curiosity ... And there's no commercial intent. And come on, this is only a weblog .. This stat counter has been totally overhauled and re-worked from the ground up. It now gives you the best overall view of how your different keywords are doing. And lets you quickly and easily see which are the ones delivering you the most amount of traffic across each of the search engines. Some one had reached my blog thru a keyword "pics of gilrs in bangalore uncencored". Of all blogs why my blog. No where in my entire blog, hav i mentioned abt gurls. Well crazy search engines.

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