Monday, January 10, 2005

Exams over

Hi every one,

Exams are over (Yahooo)... And as usual, this iteration of the exams finds me in an extremely demotivated state. I dunno how, but exams always manage to find the worst part of my deep self... And I guess, after a series of bad experiences, I too dont mind it much.

As usual everytime my exams starts; I plan new stratergies to facilitate me to concentrate more on studies. Hence this time I decided to prepare my entire exams sitting inside the library. And there lies the problem. With so many books around, it is difficult to read the goddamn textbook. Cant study at home either 'cause I may fall asleep. A nice dilemma. And the exam always loses out in this dilemma.

The best part of exams are that they are not the worst. The worst is always the result. And how terrible can results be? U have no clue at all ....

Today we had a discussion of the answers for biz op process paper. Not sure if that should be permitted. Discussing exam results can create severe trauma for sensitive individuals like me. And irreparable morale damage. So what happened was something like this... The paper had been a combination objectives and multiple option types... Of course the paper included negitive marking....And due to the lack of any other viable alternative I ended up exposing myself to a lot of risk ...

And as statistics would have it, that was not an optimal strategy. Far from it. Pretty far from it.Way out of line.

As the answers were discussed, my internal estimate of the final possible score kept spiralling down. And being the optimist that Im I kept tellin myself, "Chandu, dont u worry... U will score later on in the paper... " And with the same undying spirit, I kept waiting on and on for an event that seemed very much unlikely to happen. And with no surprising twists to the tale, in a routine run-of-the-mill manner, the statistic laws got the better of me. The only light at the end of the tunnel was from the rushing train, with my damage rate towards the end reaching torrential levels...

Well ppl, the best thing about not preparing for an exam is the fact that u always have an excuse if u dont score marks... And I always manage to keep this option open :-)) The other exams were pretty much non-descript ... Nothing much to comment on because I know I'll score very good marks in them..

Well Ppl If u wld like to know what my week ahead is like.
1.Wednesday - Prepare Case study on " Market dominance of Nokia to sony ericson in India"
2. Thursday - Interview with cell phone dealers in and around bangalore
3. Friday - Complete case study with a flash presentation and mail it.
4. Saturday - AI ERP project proposal
5. Sunday - Try to complete the design of my homepage .
6. Monday - Visit Bose for a special Wave guide tech demo that the sales exec had promised me.Interested ppl can join me.
7. Tuesday - Curse Bose all day, for me not able to buy there product.

I think thats it for now and hope you wont mind my habit of writing endlessly. Bye.

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