Saturday, November 07, 2015


I wanted to write about this from a very long time but could find time only today. Internet is such a democratic medium, Uninterrupted access to first hand knowledge irrespective of where you are from. Of-course there will be some exception if you are from China or North Korea. Internet is being used, abused & misused in all possible ways. Its funny how patients google there prescription to check if the doctor is right. We just have a new breed of generation who know it all. On the side note, I believe,  future is for people who has the capability to manage the information which is readily available. I have few friends who call me up for advise/suggestions and argue with me with the same points that I have posted on the internet. My opinions online has more value then the opinions I give them in person. And I had to coin a new term for this characteristic. Hence the term Netherent (adjective) is a characteristic attribute for a person who is more inclined to arrive at a decision based on content available on internet. 

If a person is Netherent and not careful, there are limitless possibilities for social engineering. 

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