Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Even on my worst day, i still want to smile.

This post is a call for people to be happy no matter what. Happiness is contagious, so spread it. Never let them see you fail. Too often people use Breakdowns in their life as a reason to play victim.

NO ONE wants to hear you crying.  Breakdowns remind you, that you've been ignoring the warning signs! Breakdowns are a blessing, a opportunity to take a honest look at how you have been operating. A slap in the face to WAKE the HELL UP!

Don't let it get you down, break you, or make you give up. Celebrate! Dance! Be excited! You are now aware of what didn't work, So now you can shift into what does work. Breakdowns are a setup for a BREAKTHROUGH. You come out stronger and wiser than before.

Put your best outfit on! Put a smile on your face! Forgive yourself! Then get ready to crush your breakdown! Let loose with positivity! Radiate a new air of confidence! Seize the day... Kill it!

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