Sunday, April 25, 2010

Massage, anyone ?

The last couple of weeks were spent in a state of confusion and I desperately needed a break. After a series of failed trek plans I ended up doing nothing apart from sitting alone in my room. My latest plan to trek in coorg did not materialize. Was not really in a mood for group activity or going out with friends. This is pretty much the case from past couple of months. I chose the one activity that involved the least amount of exertion, and the least amount of company – a massage. Well I always wanted to get one from many years. From my sole experience of this relaxing activity, a massage has three essential components: 80% is excruciating torture, 10% is serious concentration at not sleeping, and 10% of feeling taken care of that almost makes up for the remaining 90% of un-fun-ness. I suppose I could’ve told masseuse that he was hurting me, but am always confused about whether it’s OK protest. And there’s also the “it’s good for you” sort of pain – the idea that present agony is going to save you untold future agony… all hogwash, if you ask me – because all they’re saying is that you’ll be in pain no matter what. At the end of the hour, I emerged, feeling and looking like an oily rag. The masseuse commented on how relaxed I looked. I was too tired to protest. I nodded along and let it be known that I felt wonderful. Now it was not just my metal state, I was physically drained as well.

It was not long before I realized, u should be mentally relaxed to truly enjoy a relaxing activity. Isn't it funny when I got a massage something that i craved to get from many years could not help lift my spirits up. Thankfully the massage had so tired me out that I fell asleep for at least 6 Hrs at a stretch, something I haven’t done from past few months, if not longer. From all this I saw so much truth in a phrase that I came across lately "HAPPINESS IS ONLY REAL WHEN IT IS SHARED". When you are trying to fight a war within yourself, no matter what you do to be happy it just wont help you.


Anonymous said...

" see the 'impermanence' in this life.. that is the 'truth'.. turn back and see.. u would have cried, laughed, got agitated.. so what? all that has passed.. like that, this very moment also will pass.. whether pleasent or unpleasent, it'll pass "
-sri sri ravi shankar
i guess its natural to feel confused/sad when there are difficult times, but shud not to be the extent of 'not enjoying a pleasurable experience' and definitely not to the extent of 'not getting sleep'. every moment is gonna pass, it's ok to have difficult times, coz anyway, all this will pass too.

Anonymous said...

well said Anonymous! as long as you are more of a loner you feel miserable, cuz u will always be thinking (mostly unnecessary stuff) which will lead to insomniacism and then you would need Brad Pitt to get u a good sleep. This is like quick sand, you will be sucked in deeper and deeper and when u realize, it will be too late! Be with ur friends, have fun and stop thinking things which will just suck you deep. And of course..... SHARE

molarbear's posts said...

So true, Chandan! As long as one cannot control one's mind, the body will not be relaxed. The mind, and our thoughts, are truly the final frontier that we are yet to conquer...and may never succeed!