Thursday, March 18, 2010


I learnt this the hard way

"Our hyper-consciousness often separates us from our surroundings. It erects a barrier that severs the pleasure and immediacy of visceral experience. Imagine the bird watcher who spots a rare woodpecker and immediately buries his nose in his bird ID handbook to confirm the find. The bird flies away. He gets to add a bird to his logbook, but he missed out on seeing a rare animal peck for grubs, stretch its glorious wings, and take flight in search of the next tree. Does a checkmark in a bird logbook compare to the memory of a majestic feathered beast? Ever take a literature course that was so chock full of analysis and essays that you were never able to actually enjoy the great books you were reading? Ever go to the movies with that guy who simply cannot suspend an ounce of disbelief and won’t shut up about the admittedly glaring plot hole the entire ride home? Seeking a deeper understanding of a fascinating and important subject is one thing; over-analysis is another entirely, and it can remove us from the enjoyment of a pleasurable pastime."


Venu !! ಬೆಂಗಳೂರು ಹುಡುಗ !! said...

guess we run into these situations almost every day...The present day life has brought us to such a state..

Once again .. as usuall.. Spoken my words..nice one bro

molarbear's posts said...

So true. Sometimes we just have to ...experience things..and not analyse them.

Most of us learn this the hard way, so don't worry! If all of us could learn things by reading them, we would be perfectly wise now.