Saturday, May 03, 2008

Will blogs survive ?

Was just thinking about it, Blogger's enthusiasm is fueled by expected comments. In the long run, however, the small fan following wouldn't stick with the same personal blogs. Earlier when I started my blog, the amount of comments pouring in was high and I used to blog frequently. Well now I update only the information which I feel I may require later, mostly travelogues which I'm sure will be fun to read, mabbee after 30 years from now on. What will survive are the blogs that add value to the reader. A blog that gives information about new things that are unavailable elsewhere. Just imagine an author of a blog receiving hundreds of comments to receive none all of a sudden. Will he have the same enthusiasm to continue writing as before.

Also imagine another scenario. You have a blog buddy whose blog you frequent often. During the course of time you had a online-buddy to whom you used to call and relate things and share information that you thought were very personal. Lets imagine that there was a strong healthy bonding between you two whom you never knew personally. Suddenly he stops blogging and it is normal to feel the sense of loss. You call him to hear some one else voice informing you that he is dead. HOW would you feel to see his blog once active now idle with just the memories left behind. HOW would you like to see your comment box empty with no comments from your buddy who used to comment every articles you published. NOW MY QUESTION IS " WILL YOU HAVE THE SAME ENTHU TO BLOG AS YOU WERE DOING BEFORE ?"


Anonymous said...

Here's my point of view.
Yes, comments matter a lot and they fuel writers' enthu. When it comes to long run certainly writer sees a lot of variations. When blog is fresh frnds visit often and comment. That's where things go wrong. Same chunk of readers we expect to visit. And it doesn't happen. So get out of the closet of the friend's circle. You read more blogs. Comment more then you'll get a lot more readers.

One last thought, don't write what ppl like to read. Let them read what you write. Don't write what anyone can but write something which can leave reader thinking for a while.

Chandan said...

Very true, To write some and make the readers think is something which is very difficult to do.

In btwn, please leave your name at the end of your comments so that I can know who you are. Thanks for dropping by.

MM said...


As u said, it has been real, real long. I hv been busy with a few things, and had started writing for an entertainment portal.

U know this post of urs set me thinking. I shud tell u something in this regard. There was this friend of mine whom i had met thru the internet who was a regular writer in several magazines. We did strike up a chord thru email and he was from calcutta. (Wasnt a blogger though).

And then, there was a silence from his end for a while. And several of my sms-es were left unanswered, Until I got a message from his daughter informing me that he had passed away a month back.

Every time I scroll down the contacts in my mobile, his number gets my attention for a few secs. I still havent deleted it for reasons unknown..

vaishaksuresh said...

Twitter is the answer!

Anonymous said...

Truly Said, Me a new blogger have the apprehension of losing my commenter's even before I have one, Now I shall gladly tune my mindset for no comments and enjoy'll be a real fun to read after 30 yrs

Anonymous said...