Saturday, August 20, 2005

Do Self help books really help ?

Well as a matter of fact It doesn't. I'm really surprised to see so many self help books being sold like hot cakes. To name a few " YOU CAN WIN" , " HOW TO BECOME RICH", " SEVEN HABITS OF HIGHLY SUCESSFUL PEOPLE" etc. The basic thing to consider here is, if a person cant help himself then how can a self help book help him. It will be like learning to swim studying a book. I've seen some self help books and almost all of them asks us to change. Hmmm if we were to change then there was no need to use a self help

Its a challenge to help a person who "does'nt get it" in a certain area of life to get a place where they do "get it". Its a challenge that not many people undertake. Many people will just expalin techniques and only priciples. But to take a person who doesn't have a real frame of reference for some thing, like success with people/money and to get them to where there're willing to accept a completly new way of looking at things is never easy.

There is lot of power in deciding that you will do " WHATEVER IT TAKES" to acheive your goals, and I really hope that you make the commitment to yourself to get this area of your life handled for good. Take a minute right now and commit to yourself. Commit to doing whatever it takes to get this part of your life sorted. The more commited you are to YOUR SELF, the faster you will improve, and the more likely you are to experience the success that you really want.


Praveen said...

Kewl.. nice blog. I basically found it due to the common interest in Graphology. Though, I must say that, I have come to realize that we do share a lot more in common.
For instance, I too do not like self-help books, have gone to trek in Magdi albeit at Savanadurga, and thoroughly enjoyed my parasailing experience. The other thing I really enjoyed today was reading ur blog! tuMbaa iShTa aaytu. adU nam beMgaLUrinOru aMta tiLida mElaMtu.. full KuSh!!! samaya maaDkoMDu namma maatu kategU barOdu!

Anonymous said...

I believe they are trying to help themselves even though they can't. Most people want to help themselves since it is part of American cultural values, and Emerson wrote about this in his essay "self reliant."

On the other hand, it is easy to read about it then actually doing it. for example, one could lose weight if one runs 4 or 5 miles daily and manage ones eating habits. But hey, reading about it is easier than go out and run everyday.

Mowgli said...

cant agree more with you.

you should know, YOU CAN WIN. no book can help you.

No great General read a book on "Art of Generalship" to lead armies.

Blogger said...

I don't know if they're meant to be word for word, if they 'work'? I think they're just a guide to one persons way of doing it.

Here's a good article form