Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The AXE Effect

Recently I came across a travelouge that suggested a very innovative way of removing leeches painlessly. They could be easily removed thru AXE Deo. Yes you heard me right its AXE Deodrant. Just try it the next time you go trekking. When you spay AXE on leech infested area, Leeches just fall off your skin and die in seconds.I assume that its the alchohol in the spray that does this. Well but that does'nt explain the death of leeches. All in all this tip may come across handy.

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Mowgli said...

I have tried this... didnt find it to be effective in really really infested areas of the jungle !!

at topslip we were attacked my 20 leeches everystep we hardly had time to stop and spary .. lest more of them climb in :p

IMHO, dettol poured liberally over your socks and shoes does a better job ... leech cant even climb this way.