Thursday, February 24, 2005

This is how an evening has to be.

Yesterday I had gone to a seminar on 64bit computing and Sun in Infrastructure by Sun Microsystems & Increase ROI (Return of investment) using Corazio Enterprise collaboration Tools. Also there was a live demo of Corazio. Corazio appeared to be nice software with capabilities to handle certain business processes and documentation. But Price tag of 4.3 lacks for the basic version appeared a bit high.

As a matter of fact I was not interested in attending the seminar but the invitation said that the seminar was at Windsor Manor, Bangalore followed by lunch. Yes followed by lunch. My obsession towards free dinner at five star hotels is very high. It’s not just a dinner. It’s a date with multi cuisine palatable food. And it’s free. What more could one possibly ask for.

It’s a rule of thumb that whenever I receive an invitation for a seminar, I first check for the Hotel and then see weather the seminar is followed by lunch. If the seminar is at a five star hotel then I reply back stating that “ Thanks 4 the invitation. I confirm my presence along with two of my colleagues”. Here the colleagues will invariably be my friends.

And what is even more special is the spirit of camaraderie that my friends share. They will be more then eager to cancel any of there appointments just to get there dose of free food. As we walk around arena you could hear my friend murmur “ Saare log Mufth mein khaana milti hai tho kahin se bhi baag aathe hain.".

As the seminar ended we were the only interactive group at Q&A session. You could clearly see the audience cursing us to conclude the Q & A session as they were eager to have there lunch. Also you could clearly see look of the organisers cursing us to concluded our questions session as they were unable to answer most of our questions. Very Intersting situation.

The best part of this seminars are not just food it’s the goodies that we receive at the end of seminar. All we have to do is fill the feed back form and give it back before lunch and you receive free goodies. The goodies will vary from T- shirts with company logo to electronic gadgets.

Well one evening passed blissfully. Lemme conclude this bloglet with my guidelines of organising an effective seminar.

It has to be organised in a five star Hotel
Lunch is compulsory
They have to included interactive small quizes relevent to seminar topics.
The seminar has to be conducted on week days in the morning as this will limit the audience who are really interested in there product.
They have to included (For Reception) girls with deep neck figure hugging T shirts with mini skirts for visual enhancement of settings.
Avalabality of Technical ppl capable of answering all the audience questions.
The free stuff that they give should not just be there corporate cd’s . Stuff that they give should be of some use to recipent. Such as Lap tops, Palm tops
Permission to use the Hotels swimming pool and a free massage.
They hav to invite more of female audience who are open to discussion with fellow participants to spice things up.

Given my current vow of austere celibacy of thought as well, I shall refrain from posting further on this “spicing issue”. Any more of your ideas are welcome. Plz comment

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