Monday, February 21, 2005

Static Man, The New Super Hero

After a brief absence, I decided it has been long enough since I have stayed away from my blog....My blog performance has been a bit disappointing. Lemme see if I can improve my commitment to this journal...The other reason for absence might be that I'm in taking vast amount of information and I'm bit confused on what to publish and what not to publish. Few seconds back I worked out my confusion by deciding not to publish any incidents that occurred last week....

Due to the peculiar combination of events, I happen to watch the movie The Incredible. Nice time pass with lots of super hero stuff in the movie. And the most important thing of all was, the print was very good. Also have found out this video shop with lots of original movies nicely stacked and catalogued. As I watched the movie I was observantly overhearing my mental thought of me becoming a superhero. Unfortunately I was not bitten by any spider nor was mutated into superman. But as if my prayers were answered I'm becoming more static attractive. I reckon u understand what I’m trying to tell.

As a mater of fact I had this static attraction feature in me from the beginning. I had realized this from the day ppl started getting mild electric pulses whenever I touched them. The intensity of me building more static is when I'm wearing my shoes. Well the explanation is obvious and I wont fill this up with my physics gyan.

From a very superficial level, I wish I could say that how I hate this. But yet, some times its fun to discharge charges to an unexpected person standing in front of me. This goes with out saying that i need to charge myself by siting on a plastic chair and isolating myself frm the ground for 15 minutes before the display of my powers. U may comment saying that its possible with every other guy but I hav tendency of acquiring more charges in less time. All I hav to do is stretch my index finger and touch the persons hand. There he goes shaken dropping whatever he/she has in there hands. For the moment, let us discard this issue and conclude by stating that I’ve a tendency of writing aimlessly. Got a class in 30 minutes.. So, gotta rush .. Bye!!

PS: Over the weekend, I also made a startling discovery, the number of visitors I have on my site is positively correlated to the frequency of my posting. Not a terribly bright inference, but I don’t have a history of brightness. So that should be excused.

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