Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 overview

They say, the way to enlightenment is by reading books or by traveling. You can say the year was good if you have read more books or visited more places. 2015 for me was special in many ways. This year started with a late night birthday party at Monkey Bar. Danced till I was tired and I knew something exiting was in store for this year. Started the year with a small trip to Hyderabad, followed by a trip to mettupalyam and Ooty. Visited Coimbatore for few days. Attended a naturalist training course followed by a trip to Hampi and a trek in Tadiyandamol. Concluded the year by trekking Balladrayana Durga hill and a road trip to Gokarna. The year was peppered with lots of birding session. Read Batman Begins and Dark knight Returns. As a cherry on the top, we were blessed with a little angel. Its really nice to be with someone who supports my passion for travel. All this was possible because of Shyla who does not stop me from going out while she manages things at home. Looking forward to 2016 with more books and travel plans. I'm sure it will be exciting with the little one around. 

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