Thursday, April 23, 2009


I just don't get it. Some people, for no apparant reason stops talking to you. Its just like a chineese puzzle inside a brain twister. I may be bit paranoid, as they might be really busy with something more important then a casual talk. Nevertheless no matter whome you are with, you are as alone as you were on the day you were born. When you most need them, they are not there. Its good not to expect any thing from any one which I feel is a more practical thing a person can do in his life. But strangly, I've started enjoying doing things alone. I don't mind going out for movies alone or having a dinner in solitude or even go shopping. Never confuse feeling alone with being alone. They two are at opposite ends of the emotional spectrum. At times solitude is bliss. Well today I need to vote for a candidate whome I feel is best among the worst. Anyways, I'm not sure Advani is the right person. But given the political chaos, if I had to choose between Manmohan (aka Sonia with beard), Advani and Mayawati (or the entire breed), I think I'd go with Advani. Well in my constituency I'm unable to find a single candidate whome I could look upto.


Venu said...

Very rightly said bro " Never confuse feeling alone with being alone"... Often u realise many things in solitude.. there are moments ( well.. at least for me :) ) when u have ppl sourrounding you but then u find that at some instance theres that feeling of selfness that you always require may be some instace taking place or so... ( i hope u get wat i 'm tryin to say )

molarbear's posts said...

Alone-ness and loneliness are two different things...that is, loneliness and is not wanted, the other is. Good observation.

And yes, ultimately, we ARE alone..but that doesn't explain, to me, how some people do suddenly change and where there was closeness, there are only empty spaces now...

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Anonymous said...

"when u most need them, they are not there" so true...
but, "dont expect anything from anyone" i guess is a wonderful thought, it keeps u in peace and keeps u going.. it negates the entire sadness of being lonely....