Monday, July 23, 2007

How Complex are you ?

Recently came across few people who had severe specialness complex. No doubt, they are hard working and doing good but does that that make them so special to consider themselves higher mortals. But their own specialness will blunt their conventional intelligence when it comes to many types of decisions. They do not enjoy simple things in life as it is not their cup of tea and it does not add any credentials to their specialness. They fail to watch a movie as its a huge hit because every other person who is not so special are watching it. As a result they tend to watch documentaries which they themselves don't like. Lets assume that a group X feels that they are extra special and has to troubleshoot a problem, their approach will be "How should group X solve it ?" as opposed to " Whats the best solution?". Finally they will become who are popularly known as self centered egoist ass holes. Is this specialness complex constrained to humans, or do animals tend to have similar type of complex. Is this a natural behavior according to Darwinians theory evolution. Please enlighten me.

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LaceIncision said...

can you point me out to me one noble soul who does not thrive on being special or different, a cut above the rest?
Those blessed with the right bent in their brains should be left alone to decide which mainstream movie to toss and which ones to consider.
And as far as the 'self centred egoist' act is considered, they are only morals with poor self esteem that consider themselves better off living behind false facades.
its crystal clear you see.