Sunday, May 06, 2007

Updates so far

It has been a long hiatus. As I summarize the events, the things that I remember most prominently are:

Met few interesting people. Learnt new things. Made new friends. Am finding difficulty to spare more time for my friends & family. Needs a bit of planning. All in all it's fun to be with them.

A series of missteps has brought me to the brink of (academic/professional) extinction. I'm working on damage control. It is time I did something before it is too late.

This is the third time in past two months I'm getting a severe throat ache with a slaking rage . I blame this on my life style. No more junk food. There has to be a better way to increase weight.

Had been to pondicherry on an official visit. Loved the place. But was unable to visit any of the beaches due to lack of time. A casual visit to minchinbale dam near mysore road. And a rock climbing session at Savandurga (Asia's tallest monolithic rock). I'm planning visit Savandurga again, but during the night.

Completely switched to linux with ocassional visit to windows while I feel like playing games. Open Suse 10.2 rocks and is a visual delight when compiz is running. It makes vista aero look silly.

Nvidia Geforce FX 6200 128MB. For 1600 bucks it was the best bargain. I can play COD 2 with full resolution and effects. Ripping DVD's are faster and smoother.

Played few levels of God of War 2 on TG's play station. The game is real fun with some cutting edge graphics. Gamers suggest to beg, borrow or steal a console to play the game. It is long time since a game like this has been released. Unfortunately PC version is not released. It does not not matter if u have a graphic card or not as long as game developers feel that PC versions are unnecessary. Its unfair.

I have no idea how, why or when this change happened, but I’m pleased it did. Between the time I write a particular to-do item and am sticking unto it. It feels good when things get done. Thanks Mr.Murphy for not dropping in often

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Anonymous said...

You don't mention abt ur trip to Kanyakumarai.