Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Coorg, Bhramagiri, Irpu falls

I had been to Coorg for a two day (24.06.2006 to 25.06.2006) hike at Bramhagiri, a beautiful hill near Sirimangala. Unfortunately we were unable to trek as planned due to heavy rains. But staying in Coorg in rainy season is experience by itself. We were staying in a forest guest house at Sirimangala overlooking Bhramagiri. It was such a refreshing break from a hectic week. Later next day we visited Irpu falls. A visual retreat indeed and if you guys can remember Liril Soap Ads was shot here. We spent most of the time waiting for the rain to stop.


Velu Nair said...

U seemed to be having the time of ur life!

And yes, a great pic too!

Praveen said...

U just wait.. once I return to bangalore.. am gonna tag along.. all through!

Somnath said...

Hi Dude...

We are planning to go to Coorg and Irpu Falls. In ur blog mentioned about a Forest Offfice Bunglow, Can you please let me know the how to contact them?
my email id is

Anonymous said...

even im planning to go to coorg sometime.. Came thru this site - Coorg on the net from which i got some info abt coorg..

coorg said...

Nice ya, Your blog some special, i got special here, thanks for the info,
But yesterday i got some very good site that explains everything about Coorg. that is