Saturday, June 24, 2006

I've been tagged

There seem to be a lot of "tag" games going around in the world of Blogland and sooner or later we all will hav to be its victim. Hmmm Praveen tagged me. How I wish my fellow bloggers to temporarily forget my name the moment they compose tagging posts. Anyway I’m researching a tag to end all tags. Wish me luck people.

Weirdest of my habits are
  1. Eating Pickles more than Curds Rice. (Hope some exaggeration is allowed)
  2. Calling random telephones number in directory and asking them the time
  3. Telling Ghost stories to small kids ( Like to see the look on their faces)

Lemme stop here or I may say tooo much.


Praveen said...

Hey!!! thatz not fair!! I said 5 of mine.. or was it 6.. *scratchin' my bladin' forehead* comeon! u gotto tell me the rest.. atleast in private *wink wink

Velu Nair said...

The phone thing takes the cake, the icing and the entire bakery along with it!

ROTFL... Gawd!! Cant help thinking of the reactions of the poor guys at the other end!