Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Most irritating Ads

Here is a list according to me are the most irritating ads being aired in Indian tele. A great Ad should be funny or creative making you remember the product. But sometimes some boring to watch ads played again and again during prime time will make us remember the product.

Here goes the worst five ads being aired

5. Happydent
4. Harpik challanges
3. Kurkure featuring Juhi Chawla
2. Castrol Lubes featuring Zahir Khan
1. Tata Indicom true paid ad featuring Kajol & Ajay

Well the list goes on


Praveen said...

LMAO!! True dude.. I did get a glimpse of each of these utterly forgettable ads! the number one obviously does go to Ajay! I mean.. they've made such a fool of him!! Gosh! I don't remember the castrol thing (no wonder!) and Juhi's kurkure were just bland! The other two too have faded off!
meanwhile, I did try to call u a couple of times before I left India, but u were always "Not reachable"!!

Vishi said...

Agree :) oh by the way, airtel and hutch ads rock!

Anonymous said...

hey dude... how did u forget ASHWINI hair oil....

- Vijay Vinayak

santosh said...

well dude
ads are always irriating.. you will hardly find any good houmerous ad..
but these are what people want..

according to me the most stupid ad is

Aditya birla cement " Is cement me jan hai"

Reliance ad.

and tatindicom

most homourous ad is the Airtel Ones

santosh (blog)

Sudarshan said...

Well.. there is a new ad which sucks...the ad is that of J.K Lakshmi cement... What say....

Mowgli said...

ICICI's "hum hain na" sucks big time

Anonymous said...

This is a funny doritos ad