Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Asterix is back

Well people and all you Asterix fans a new Astrix book " The Sky Falls On His Head" is being released next month on 14 October. Nice to hear that he will be back after a long long time. This will be the 33rd book in asterix series.The book will be distributed in 27 countries and some eight million copies are already printed and wait to be released. Eagerly waiting to lay my hands on it. I've read all the 32 books and I've a copy of almost all of them (e-books).


Praveen said...

Hey chandan,
dude.. u don't seize to surprise me at all!!! I am a hardcore fan of the fatty and the shorty!! Its good to know that they are both gonna be back to beat up the Romans again!!! Boy!! I am really excited!! Thanks a bunch for this wonderful news.. know what?!! Even I've got the entire collection of them in ebook version which can be viewed using a software called CDDisplay with high quality .. almost as if u r reading the book itself!!!!

Adamspop said...

hey chandan and praveen,

me too... a die hard fan of the twosome. how did you procure the e-book version? did you purchase it online? i would be extremely glad to know. Or, do you ave a copy to sell to me?