Thursday, April 07, 2005

End of terms

Anywhoo, Happy Ugadi to all you wonderful folks. This blog will be under hibernation for the next 28 days. This is because of my new resolution, “not to use the comp till my exams conclude”. After my exams a mega trip has been lined up and I’m eagerly waiting for that. Sooo all you readers, you can expect a neat adventure filled travelogue in the next month. I’ll be out on a trek to Western Ghats. I’ll be visiting a newly discovered cave out there. People interested can join me on the trek.

In between, a parasailing activity is going on in the Jakkur Aerodrome, Bangalore. The event would be conducted on Sundays during April (10th, 17th 24th). I can’t make it this time, but in case any of guys interested can contact
CARE, Vijayashree Builing, No.1, 3rd Floor, 18th Cross Malleswaram, Bangalore – 560 055. Ph: 5128 1478 Mob: 98456 – 95350.

Fee: Rs.350/- Per Launch- Cash to be paid at the venue. PARASAILING is a thrilling aero sport activity, which can be enjoyed almost by any one who is seeking some thrill in a controlled environment. The enthusiast is strapped on to a harness & an ascending type round parachute. 300 Ft long rope is hooked on to the harness & the other end is tied to a jeep. As the jeep moves ahead the harnessed enthusiasts gets towed forward. This forward motion inflates & brings up the canopy & the person is airborne. As the jeep keeps accelerating the person keeps gaining height.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Chandan,

Which place exactly in the Western ghats are you heading to?? Let us know more about that recently explored cave.